Polish Xmas Eve Traditions And Food For Wigilia Supper

Polish Xmas Eve Traditions And Food For Wigilia Supper

Standard Polish Xmas Eve Supper (Wigilia)

In Poland, Xmas eve is an important night time for accumulating With all the family, decorating and remembering shed family and friends. This evening is usually called “Wilgilia” (the vigil) and It is just a night where folks symbolize awaiting the birth of Jesus Christ (which in effect brings a lot more great importance to today than Xmas by itself). Through this night time, Poles cook mouth watering foodstuff as Element of the celebration.

Polish Xmas Eve Traditions

On Wiligia, Poles enhance their properties with evergreen, ornament, apples, lights, nut and candles. They also hang “pajaki” (the spider World wide web like decorations) within the ceiling, dozynki (colorful wreaths) around the wall in addition to a fir tree from the beams inside the ceiling. Possibly The key custom could be the desk preparation. Traditionally, hay is placed beneath a white desk linen to symbolize Jesus’ bed inside the manger and Mary’s veil. The grandmother from the relatives destinations wafers (oplatki) around the table to symbolize the communion. These are generally placed on the ideal bit of China. When location the desk, an extra location is laid in case a hungry man or woman take place is move by, This really is taken from this story of Joseph. Lastly, the mother of your household lights candles in the window to celebrate the welcoming of newborn Jesus.

Just after meal, Father Christmas (the Star Person) accompanied by his singing Star Boys, pay out a stop by to the children and reward them for being excellent. He provides presents from Star Land for the good kids and scolds any youngsters who misbehaved during the 12 months.

Standard Polish Christmas Eve Food items

The food items ready on Christmas Eve is made of meatless recipes. The custom was adopted with the Roman Catholics. They accustomed to fast for the 4 months approaching Xmas Eve known as advent and split the fast with meatless meals. They designed 13 dishes that represented the apostles of Christ and every dish represented foods from the 4 corners from the earth.

Mushrooms from your forests
Fruit through the orchard
Fish through the lake or sea
Grains from the field

The Polish designed recipes that integrated these four components including barszcz wilgilijny z uszkami (Xmas Eve borscht with uszka dumplings), herring, breaded whitefish, cabbage rolls, gingerbread cookies, honey spice cake and carp in aspic.

Continuing the Custom

We understand how essential holding the custom is, and Many of these meals may be hard to find through the entire United states. To carry on the custom, it is possible to purchase these foods from www.polana.com. Polana sells gourmet polish vintage recipes which include mushroom and barley soup, honey spice cake, dumplings, plus much more.

Polish Xmas Eve Traditions And Food For Wigilia Supper


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