Really Don’t Toss Your 35mm Movie Canisters Away – Recycle Them For Decorations

Really Don't Toss Your 35mm Movie Canisters Away - Recycle Them For Decorations

The majority of us try to remember getting tons of pictures with 35mm cameras and in some way amassing a big collection of Individuals little airtight, sealed canisters which the film arrived in. Possibly it can be simply because I am a self explained pack rat or as a result of my Innovative nature, but over time I started to collect an volume of These small canisters the film arrived in, conserving them within a bag contemplating “some day I will discover a use for these”.

I established a craft challenge so that you can do with all your Little ones or as a gaggle job. Actually this would operate with any compact canister with a sealed cap if you don’t have film canisters saved, I just took place to possess a bag from the movie kinds all around waiting for a explanation to exist. So keep those minor canisters and here is a method to recycle them, rejoice with all your Little ones, and teach them a craft project.


A movie Canister or identical Tiny Canister with Lid
Family Glue, Glue Gun, or most popular Adhesive
Sharp Scissors (adults provided that youthful little ones)
Loose sparkly sequins, about pencil eraser sizing
Rather Ribbon (roughly six” for each ornament)


Take out the quilt through the movie canister.
Utilizing the scissors, Lower close to a six” bit of ribbon. When folded in 50 % this would be the hanger for the decoration.
Using the scissors, poke a hole in the center of the quilt, large adequate for the ribbon to get through.
Poke a single stop with the ribbon throughout the hole in the duvet and make a considerable enough knot on that conclusion to it will not likely slip again through the protect.
Repeat that step with another finish of the ribbon. You now should have a loop protruding of the opening inside the movie canister cover.
Using the glue or adhesive, spot a couple of dabs close to the inside of the quilt. Snap the quilt back about the movie canister. Now you ought to have the film canister with a ribbon loop.
Locate a destination to cling the canister from, this will make it easier to access all surfaces simultaneously. Utilizing the glue or adhesive (I like the glue gun’s ease of use), Glue the sequins set up, on the cover throughout the ribbon, sides, and bottom. The whole area need to be lined.
Permit your generation dry absolutely right before making use of.

Take note: I transpired to generate my decoration for my Christmas tree but applying variations of colored sequins, you might produce a hanging decoration for just about any getaway; for example decorating a tree branch, and many others.

Really Don't Toss Your 35mm Movie Canisters Away - Recycle Them For Decorations


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